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Specialty Pho 

Mmmm..Thai Food. From grilled pork to Teriyaki chicken, our grilled and infused meats are second to none and imbibe the flavors made famous in Southeast Asia. We offer dishes of beef, chicken and pork, all tucked into a bed of rice or noodles along with vegetables. Lemongrass is infused into many dishes.

Enjoying Thai food staples, like curry, means two things: Spices (in the form of curry paste), and coconut milk. Spices are added to curry paste to give it different names. (Yellow, red, and green for example) Different vegetables and meats are added to create different dishes. Try them all! They each offer something unique!

A plate of stir-fried vegetables is a great accompaniment to any Thai food meal. Add some chicken, beef, or shrimp to the vegetables and the dish becomes a complete meal when served with rice.This delicious combination is sure to delight any taste.

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Stir Fry

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